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Greek yogurt at Cherry Street Saturday

Just a quick note to let you know what Wagon Creek plans to have at the market on Saturday, (we’re at 15th and Quincy, south side between Three Springs and McClain’s) 7-11 a.m. Please reply to this email to preorder. Or call 580-496-247. Thank you.

Greek yogurt (whole and skim) $8/qt.
1/2 gallon whole $14

Raw milk Cheeses, 6 oz. blocks, sticks,
or shredded $5.00
Cheddar and Chives
Cheddar and Sun Dried tomato
Asiago with peppercorns
Ricotta, 16 oz $5.00

Granola (no salt, and cranberry versions also available)
8 oz $4
16 oz $7.50
2.5# $16.00
3# $18.00

Granola Bars $2/bar
10 pack $17.50
25 pack $40.00

Pizza crusts 6 count , 8" $10.00

Grass Fed Beef
Ground beef $6.50/lb
Ground Beef patties $6.50
10# bundle (10 × 1# units) $60.00
50# bundle (50x 1# units) $287.50
Liver $4.50/lb
Ox Tail $4.50/lb
TBone Steak $11.00/lb
Roasts $7.00/lb
Fillet $16.00/lb

Farm News:
We had a hard freeze Monday night, so most likely lost the sandplums this year. The redbuds didn’t seem fazed by it, so we’re still enjoying their blossoms. It’s been over a month since we had more than 1/10" of rain, so we’re needing it badly. We thought we had a good chance today, but now the forecast is pulling back. We, and all the farmers around, would appreciate prayers for rain—and for cheerful patience in the meantime!
Thanks for your support of our farm,