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Wagon Creek Creamery mailing list--Do you want to remain on this list?

I need to update the Tulsa customer email list for Wagon Creek Creamery. If you are a regular customer, I will continue to send emails to you unless I hear otherwise. If you are not a regular Wagon Creek customer, but would like to continue to get these emails, please reply to this message and let me know.
We plan to be at Cherry Street on Saturday, and have a decent supply of Greek yogurt, cheese, and a little beef. (More on the way…) Below is a list of products on hand if you’d like to preorder.
Thank you,
Greek yogurt (nonfat, lowfat, whole)
pint $5.00 quart $9.00 1/2 gallon $14
Strawberry smoothie pop $2.00
10 pack $17.50
Mozzarella *6 oz. $5.00
Pasteurized Cheddar
Ricotta 16 oz. $5.00
*Raw milk Cheeses, 6 oz. blocks, sticks,
or shredded $5.00
Cheddar and Chives
Cheddar and Sun Dried tomato
Asiago with peppercorns

Pizza Crusts 6 pack $10;
12 pack $18.00
Granola (no salt, and cranberry versions also available)
8 oz $4
16 oz $7.50
2.5# $16.00
3# $18.00

*Granola Bars *$2/bar
10 pack $17.50
25 pack $40.00

Grass Fed Beef
Ground beef $6.50/lb
Roast $6.50/lb
Liver $4.50/lb