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Greek yogurt at Cherry Street

Wagon Creek plans to have Greek yogurt this weekend, but likely won’t have any next weekend, so please stock up if you’re able. The drought continues here and that is keeping milk production down at a time of year when typically we’re flush with milk. If your name is on the butter waiting list, I’ve got it this week. Below are the products we expect to bring on Saturday. Hope to see you then! Thank you,

Barbara and Ron Crain

Mozzarella 6 oz. $5.00
Ricotta 16 oz. $5.00
Raw milk Cheeses, 6 oz. blocks, sticks,
or shredded $5.00
Cheddar and Chives
Cheddar and Sun Dried tomato
Asiago with peppercorns

Granola (no salt, and cranberry versions also available)
8 oz $4
16 oz $7.50
2.5# $16.00
3# $18.00

Granola Bars $2/bar
10 pack $17.50
25 pack $40.00

Grass Fed Beef
Ground beef $6.50/lb
10# bundle (10 × 1# units) $60.00 Liver $4.50/lb TBone Steak $11.00/lb Roasts $6.50/lb