Canyon Ridge Farms, LLC

Website: www.canyonridgefarms.com

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Canyon Ridge Farms is a small family farm just east of Tahlequah. The entire family, four generations, participates in the farm in one way or another.

In June of 2011 Canyon Ridge Farms became the first Grade A goat dairy AND the first Grade A Milk Processing Plant in Oklahoma to produce all of our goat milk products totally on our farm.

Currently we offer a soft fresh goat cheese known as Chevre in several flavors as well as plain. Our cheeses are mild, soft and “Oh so DELICIOUS”! Try one of these wonderful cheeses and you are sure to want more!

We hope to be adding some semi-hard cheeses to our line of products in the late winter or early spring along with yogurt in plain and flavors.

We have a beautiful flock of free range laying hens who spend their days dining on grasses and bugs. To insure proper nutrition, especially in the winter time, we supplement their diet with whole grains.

In the spring and summer months we grow fresh produce in our gardens. Everything from lettuce and spinach to cucumbers and tomatoes, to watermelon and cantaloupe. If you are looking for fresh produce we will probably have it!

We raise all of our animals and grow all of our produce as naturally as possible. We may occassionally have to medicate an animal in order to save its life, but when we do, we withhold the products from that animal for a period of time to ensure that NONE of that medication comes through into the products we produce.

We are excited for you to try our products and we can’t wait to meet you!

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