W Bar M Sheep and Wool

We are a family owned and operated farming operation. We are now starting to train the fifth generation on the ways of farming and caring for the animals. The selling of produce started as a fluke with the sheep and wool business. Yes not only do we sell lamb but we also sell 100% wool yarn and other wool items from the sheep we raise (you will have to come to the market to see what we have there). I started out just selling my yarn and wool at the farmers market and farming and gardening with my parents. There was one year we had a bumper crop of pears and I would pick them and take them in for my mother to put up. One day I took another 10 gallons of pears in for my mother to put up and with a butcher knife in her hand she told me “Find some other place to take them, Wayne!!”. So that Saturday I showed up with my wool and pears at the market. Needless to say I went home that day with empty buckets and amazed that they were gone. The next week it was pears and tomatoes… That started a rollercoaster ride that we are still on.

We specialize in heirloom vegetables. We use no pesticides in the garden (unless you count the chickens and they can be pests sometimes). The only fertilizer that we use is manure from the sheep pens and chicken houses. We have had the policy from day one that we would not sell anything that we would not eat.

When it comes to the produce I am a little on the eccentric side…. If it is weird I am going to try to grow it. This fits in wonderful with the heirloom vegetables.

As of today there is about seventy acres in garden, and 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space. and numerous hoop houses.

And do not forget the sheep, milk goats, 200 laying hens and increasing, 40 ducks, a few turkeys, geese, and a few deer for good measure (kept at a friends place, had trouble with people shooting them in the pasture).

If you have any special requests for vegetables please do not hesitate to contact me….. If I can find the seed and it will grow here we will try it.

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