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John’s Farm is in the business of raising crops and livestock the way we believe was intended – the organic way which means all our fields and pastures, crops, and cattle are free from chemicals, commercial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, medication. Our cattle roam freely, enjoying a safe, friendly environment. We represent the 5th generation of farming in our family; one of our farms is an Oklahoma Centennial Farm, staked in the Oklahoma Land Run of 1893. Another farm has been in our family since 1907. Desiring to produce beef with healthy benefits our beef has been tested. Here are the results of the testing:

1. The high level of CLA content (Cattle Tracks 9.85 mg/g lipid) is excellent (falls in the highest range reported in the literature).

2. The ratio of omega-6/omega-3 fatty acids (Cattle Tracks 1.86) is well below 4. Below 4 is recommended by nutritionist to be beneficial for human nutrition; the omega-3 has been documented as reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

John’s Farm is also the home of Fairview’s Best Organic Whole Wheat Flour. In 1898 the settlers build a mill in Fairview, Oklahoma to provide flour for the pioneers as the closest flour mill was in Enid, a 2-day trip by wagon. Although the Fairview Mill is no longer standing the flour sack used for our flour is a replica of the sack used by Fairview Mill.

Please read more of our story, meet our family, and enjoy our history on our website: www.johnsfarm.com

THANK YOU for considering Cattle Tracks and Fairview’ Best for you and your family. Blessings!

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