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Our farm sells premium pasture grown rare breed pork products. We use no antibiotics, hormones or growth promotants. We use a combination of English Large Black (rare) and Spot pigs to give us the superior eating quality of the Large Black breed and the excellent growth characteristics of the Spot breed. You can see numerous videos and photos of our pigs and the environment we raise them in at our website. We use our pigs in a rotation with our gardening following this program: pigs→garden→clover. Our pork and vegetables are grown using organic practices, but we are not a certified organic farm due to the unavailability of organic pig feed in our area. Our pigs graze pastures seeded with a combination of dwarf white, ladino, and red clovers, and travois creeping alfalfa. The combination of breed selection and legume forage gives our pork it’s distinctive and unique flavor. You can see a video about our farm here:

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