Welcome to the online preorder site for Cherry Street Winter Market, held every other Saturday from 8:30-11:00a.m. at Whole Foods parking lot 41st and Peoria.
Scheduled dates:
Nov. 9 and 23
Dec. 14 and 21
Jan. 4 and 18
Feb. 1 and 15
Mar. 1 and 15 and 29
Summer market begins April 5.

Ordering window will open each Sunday night following each Saturday winter market and will close 10 days later on the Wednesday before the next winter market. If you miss the online ordering window, please feel free to contact the grower directly to see if he/she still has product available.
Thank you.

Pancake Mix

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Pancake mix with buttermilk
Grower: Wagon Creek Creamery
Price: $4.00 ( 1 pkg. mix & 1 pkg buttermilk )
Available (Exact): 13

It's easy to prepare hot and fresh pancakes with our buttermilk and pancake mix kit. Our pancake mix is made ... more